Who is Doja Cat?

dc-4Doja Cat is a a 21 year old songstress/ rapper who is breaking out into the music industry. Her first single “So High” hit YouTube in 2014 and has over 4 million views. She is a free spirit who strongly believes that with a little weed, her music can flourish. Her EP Purrr! is available on iTunes and Soundcloud for all to purchase. The link will be provided for viewers to check her out. I believe Doja Cat is a huge breakout artist with a strong future in the industry. She explains in a interview how she knew that rap was something she wanted to do besides just singing.”As a teenager, I lived for five years in a fairly affluent area where people were accustomed to doing rap battles on Myspace. That’s how I started: writing rhymes a little weak, and the rapping on the Internet. I always knew I could rap.”-Doja Cat. She describes her music as smoke music also known as trap music in the industry. When it comes to her preference of what she listens to she says,”I would say that it is a fusion of R&B, rap, trap the soul … all that can finally get my attention. The main artists that influence me are Erykah Badu, Pharrell, Jamiroquai, Party Next Door and Drake. I am very careful what I listen to, it is essential because it inevitably influences my music.” She is inspired by Indian Culture such as Hinduism which she grew and practiced for a few years. She likes how the religion is based on vibes which is how she runs her life.At the end of the day Doja Cat wants to be seen then more then her music but a true artist. Thats what she grew up around because both her mother and grandmother are artist so she knows the meaning of it. Ultimately this woman is one to watch out for because although she is west coast right now, she’s sweeping over the east coast with her sound and soon worldwide.

(Quotes taken from http://www.konbini.com/en/lifestyle/doja-cat-interview/)









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